Saturday, September 27, 2008

Completed painting

With a rigger and shades of yellow ochre mixed with burnt sienna and burnt sienna mixed with cobalt blue. I added a few sprigs of grass and weeds into the grass I had earlier splashed on in very wet tones of yellow ochre and burnt sienna along the lower edge of the painting.

I then decided to darken the windows and doors just a bit. I had started them in light tones because it is very easy to have them be too dark and flat and I wanted to keep them in the distance. This image is the scan I am printing the giclée print from and has been adjusted for the printer..It prints very close to the original but looks much brighter than my photos of the stages.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the steps as I painted "Cotton Fields Back Home" and I hope the techniques will be helpful to you in your paintings.

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