Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Blog on The Boardwalk

I was honored to be featured today on The Boardwalk Blog at 1000markets.

Meet The Boardwalk Artist Series ~ Featured Artist ~ Mary Ellen Golden... Watercolor with Grace and Ease

Watercolor is considered a difficult medium by many people. My goal is to create a space in which it happens with grace and ease. My very first art teacher was Margaret Cooper in Rose Hill, North Carolina. I studied oil painting with her from the age of 10 until I went off to college at 17. She gave me an absolute love for the process and an innate color knowledge that has made my path what it is today. I hope that I can pass that on to all my students.

I have been painting in watercolor for more than thirty years. The medium still holds the same fascination that it held for me the very first time I carefully wet the paper, applied a small amount of color, and instantly blotted it with the tissue clenched in my left hand. My students to this day say that when the left hand goes in my pocket, the painting is going well.

That first watercolor lesson was in 1975 in Charleston, SC. The teacher was Virginia Fouché and I am very fortunate to have known her. She had asked me to help her teach her high school art class macrame and when we finished said "how can I repay you?" I told her that I was having trouble with an acrylic painting I was working on and she invited me to her adult class that night..We gathered in an old building in the old village in Mt Pleasant and painted in oils and acrylic..She told me if I would come to class, she would have me painting all the time...and she did.

When she attended a master class in watercolor at Rangemark in Maine, she returned and taught us all watercolor! Hallelujah! That was my media..and the brushes haven't dried out since. She immediately brought Jeanne Dobie and Christopher Schink and Ralph Smith to Charleston and we received wonderful instruction very early in our watercolor journey. Many of those in that class are among Charleston's premier artists today and I love to go back and see what they are doing...

After 4 years in Charleston, my husband John transferred to Wilmington and I opened a tiny gallery in the Cotton Exchange in 1977. When my son John grew up, we added him to the lease and grew the gallery to include his photography. He became a graphic designer and animator and has become well known online as John W Golden, digital artist.. He has shown me the delights of online marketing where I met Beachy Rustica and have been guided by her to 1000 markets and The Boardwalk. She has been an amazing mentor for me and I would like to thank her for leading me here

Many thanks to Mary Ellen for such a great bio! Next week another Boardwalk artist will be featured - so don't forget to stop by!

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