Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Step 2 in my cardinals painting

When the masking fluid had dried on my sketch, I mixed up several fairly thick puddles of paint on my palette.1. was rose madder genuine and cerulean blue for the lavender hue of the pine trunks in the rain. 2. was cobalt blue and burnt sienna to darken the trunks. 3. was indian yellow and antwerp blue as a light spring green.

I carefully wet the entire painting with a big 2-inch brush and quickly brushed in two wide streaks of the lavender, darkened part of them with the #2 mixture. Then I splashed some of the bright spring green in the upper parts and some mostly burnt sienna in the lower parts..I left a few uncovered spots white and as the colors began to dry, took a small brush and flicked in some branches with a thick burnt sienna/cobalt blue mixture. By then they retained a thin branch shape but remained soft edged which will make them recede behind the masked branches which will have crisp edges.

Then I took a breath and watched the paint dry to make sure there were no too wet places to bloom. After the shine was completely gone from the paper I felt comfortable using the hair dryer to complete the drying so that I could remove the masking fluid. The 140 lb. cold press arches watercolor paper that I had just taped down with masking tape dried completely flat with the hair dryer.

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